Vanessa & Brian | Anniversary

I have been best friends with Vanessa since our senior year of highschool. I still remember the first day we really, truly met. It was studio lighting day in our digital photography class and we instantly clicked over mutual confusion over how in the world we were going to make it look like we knew what we were doing. Fast forward, 7 (or is it 8?!) years later and here we are - both a little bit wiser, a little bit bitter and a little bit sillier but still the definition of best friends. Ever since that day in digital photography, Vanessa has always pushed me to keep on going and always picked me up when I fell. I truly couldn't have gotten to this point without you, Sister! 

But enough about our BFF love story, let's talk about Brian and Vanessa! These two have been dating for five years (!!!!!) ! I think all the persuasion in the past years finally paid off & I finally got them to jump in front of my camera for a fun anniversary session at Inspiration Point in the Berkeley Hills. We hiked and eventually ran into some chilly weather, but I absolutely adore these images - their love is so strong and able, I am so glad I was able to capture this part of their journey.

To my sister and Brian - thank you again for coming out with me. I know it was cold and a little silly, but I had so much fun. I hope you treasure these photos as much as I do. I love you both so much! 

xx - ty